Frequently Asked Questions

We put together lots of answers to the most common questions we get. If you can’t find here what you were looking for, please drop us an email with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happends after i subscribe?

Ultrarun Africa
You’ll receive a link by email. to connect with your Final Surge Athlete account. With following the link you will also confirm that you accept us as your coach.
Ultrarun Africa
We’ll apply your chosen plan in your calendar and discuss what day you want to start with . We will also send you an email with instructions how to setup your runner profile best.
Ultrarun Africa
You can start training with your personal training plan. Depending on the subscription package you chose, we will start our coaching service with you.

General questions to our subscriptions.

After you subscribed, we will email a password and username to you. Follow this link to your account In your account you can manage all your subscriptions, manage your payments, switch to a different subscription and more.

Yes, it’s quick and easy. Simply log in to your Account and request to cancel your subscription. We will stop asking for any future payments.

Your subscription remains valid until the end date of your current payment cycle. After that end date, your planned workouts are removed from your training calendar.

We are unable to offer a refund on previous payments. 

This can only happen when you pay monthly. You can extend your subscription period any time before the end of your current subscription. 

Otherwise all other plans are aligned with the length of your training program and you won’t have any problem. 

You can pay your subscription by EFT or Credit Card. 

We don’t withdraw any money from your account without your permission. Monthly/Recurring Payments must be paid monthly by you.

No, we currently don’t offer FREE subscriptions for testing our service. However, our subscriptions are monthly based. You can cancel anytime.

Once you’re subscribed, we will email you with your training plan recommendations. We will also set you up with the Final Surge account and apply your first training plan to your calendar.

To start ticking off your sessions, you’ll just need to login to Final Surge from your computer – or download the app on your smart phone or tablet. We’ll also send you onboarding advice to help you get started.