Show Up Prepared And In Peak Shape

Tired of winging it and want a proven plan with a coache at your side and a community to share you running with? We’ll set you up on a training plan, coach you along the way, and you’ll join our community of like-minded runners all striving to be better


We offer custom online personal training, nutrition consultations & movement coaching.

Whether you’re looking to build strength, change your body composition, learn new skills, or adopt healthier habits, we craft tailor made plans to help you reach your movement & lifestyle goals.

Benefits of Online Coaching and Training


We’re all individuals with unique goals, obstacles & requirements. That's why we take time to understand your story and where you want to go, before crafting a tailor-made strategy to help you get there.


It's not just about moving better. With our online training and coaching, we take into account both the body and mind. Exploring mobility, posture, eating habits, breathwork, recovery & beyond.


Our training concepts put into consideration our different life styles, social environments and of course our weather and climate and is specially tailored to our part of the world.

Our running packages include

Custom Training Plan

You'll get a training plan that's specifically designed for you and your target race.

Frequent Workout Feedback & Analysis

We will review workout files and provide feedback on how your training is progressing.

Regular Communication With Us

Talk with your coach every week. Whether that's via phone, text, email, or video chat

Training Plan Adjustments

If you get sick, injured, busy with work or family and miss a workout. We will update your training plan to keep you on track.

People we love to work with


Looking to optimize your diet, fine-tune your fitness and maximise longevity? We can use proven wellness strategies, nutrition protocols and recovery methods to cover all basis and unlock your true potential.


Anyone just setting out on their running & wellness journey and isn't sure where to begin. We know how daunting it can be, so we prepare a step-by-step plan to get you on the road and help you to reach your first goals.


Whether you're already an experienced ultra distance runner, or you just wann do your first 10km race - we fine tune your skills and expand your running and movement vocabulary to improve your performance & longevity not only for the race day.

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