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Fitness, running training and coaching for everyone

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Why Choose Us?

We believe there is an athlete in everyone. No matter what your goal is, a beginner deserves the same coaching the pros get.

Whether your goal is to win your next race or to lose weight, we’re here to guide, and inspire the athlete in you.

Let us unlock your full potential!

From Beginner to Professional

For all levels of experience

Customized Training Plans

We provide you with a personal training plan you can download on your sport watch

Personal Training

We provide support on our online platform as well as weekly running and training for groups and individuals

You'll never know what you are capable of until you take the first step and just go for it

Get Ready for ...

Fitness & hEalth

Whether you want to get into fitness, start your first walks or just want to lose weight. Let us help with your personal health and fitness plan.

start your training

You stuck at always running the same pace. You want to run your first 10km race. Whatever your goal is. We have the right plan for you.


You want to improve your marathon time or want to win the next race? We provide professional training plans an coaching up to the finish line.

trail & Ultra Runs

Whether it’s your first 50K or your tenth 100 miler.  A desert crossing or the next Comrades. We have the right training plan and support for you.

groups & Corporates

We help groups and corporates to organize their fitness training and to reach set performance and health goals with our tailored plans .

Personal goals

We provide specialized plans and personal training to get you fit for your next adventure and to help you achieving your dreams.

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